MOTO-GT 1460/MOTO-GT 1675


  • 25mm thick,curved edge,solid wood tabletop with blister process,   Abrasion and scratch resistant

  •  Single motor, load 80kg, after 10,000 times lifting test,safe and secure

  •  72-117 cm electric lift height adjustable table top

  •  Light aluminum alloy table legs

  •  Headphone hook & cup holder & wire clip

  •  Intelligent high memory

  •  Intelligent sedentary reminder

  •  Intelligent stop in case of obstruction

  •  Equip with cable management compartment

  •  Environmentally friendly material packaging

  •  2 years warranty

The Table Can Have More Fun

Large space,more freedom

Aesthetic concept, Minimalist design

Lightly curved ergonomic design.

  • Lightly Curved Table Edge Design
    Lightly curved tabletop aesthetic.Suitable for all shapes

  • Lift As You Like
    The choice is yours, adjust the table height to suit your posture

  • Motor Low Noise
    Professional noise reduction technology is used to lift. Steady and low-noise

  • Spacious Table Top
    All widths sizes are designed to more than 600mm

Times Changing,Product Upgrade

It's Not Just Improve The Lever Of Table, It's Life Too!

One-touch electric lift, height adjustable to match different table scenarios, MOTO-GT care for your cervical and lumbar vertebrae, new office experience, 72-117cm lift range.

Lightly Curved Design For Greater Comfort

The table top adopts the aesthetic concept of light curvature, adapting to various body shape. 

The table top wrap your body , full of atmosphere.

The utilization of table top is unchanged, the operating space is more free.

Smooth Lifting And Without Lagging Powerful Noise Reduction

Smooth,stable operation and lag-free, low noise pollution, MOTO-GT don't interference you while you watch drama and play game.

*The data on this page is sourced from1STPLAYER Lab or the official website,  is only for reference.

P2 Grade Environmental Protection Wood Panel, Odourless You Can Use With Confidence

Our all materials have been professionally tested by the SGS authority, making them truly environmentally friendly and odourless. We have always put health and safety first.

Aircraft Grade Cold Rolled Steel Table Frames

Compared to ordinary steel, cold rolled steel has a brighter and smoother surface and hardness is stronger, which is why it is widely used in industrial manufacturing of high standards.

100kg Dynamic Load-Bearing Capacity

Newly upgraded high-density panels and blistering technology, with double-beam cold-rolled steel table frame, MOTO-GT has dynamic load-bearing capacity of 100kg.

Large-size chassis, monitors, peripherals, etc. You can place them randomly, more space available than you can imagine!

Unlock More Hidden Features

  • With Cup Holder

    Make space more reasonable

  • Portable Headphone Stand

    Free up more desk space

  • Adjustable Footrests

    Adjustable footrests to avoid uneven floors causing table tops to wobble


MOTO-GT 1460/MOTO-GT 1675


140*60*(72-117)cm / 160*75*(72-117)cm 


Structure: 116*75.5*11.5cm Tabletop : 145*65*8cm

/ Structure: 116*75.5*11.5cm Tabletop : 165*80*8cm


Aluminum alloy+Steel+ABS+P2PB


Tabletop: Burlywood 

Table Legs : Black / White


0.1 M³ + 0.076 M³/0.1 M³ + 0.105 M³


80KG / 176.36lb


Tabletop: N.W. 14.7Kg  G.W.: 17Kg Table Legs: N.W. 14.5Kg G.W.: 17Kg

/Tabletop: N.W. 21.2Kg  G.W.: 24Kg Table Legs: N.W. 14.5Kg G.W.: 17Kg


Loading Capacity

375PSC / 40HQ

/320PSC / 40HQ


1. 25mm thick,curved edge,solid wood tabletop with blister process,   Abrasion and scratch resistant 

2. Single motor, load 80kg, after 10,000 times lifting test,safe and secure 

3. 72-117 cm electric lift height adjustable table top 

4. Light aluminum alloy table legs 

5. Headphone hook & cup holder & wire clip 

6. Intelligent height memory 

7. Intelligent sedentary reminder 

8. Intelligent stop in case of obstruction 

9. Equip with cable management compartment 

10. Environmentally friendly material packaging 

11. 2 years warranty