phantom yellow

  • GATERON PRO switch

  • three-mode wireless

  • MDA sublimation keycap

  • 68-key Layout

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • 2.4G Wireless

  • RGB Music Rhythm

  • Key Line Separation

  • MDA Sublimation keycap

    Theme Color Matching

  • Customized POM
    Satellite Switch

  • Full key Switch
    Seat Hot Swap

Introduce THE ONE Theme Color

THE ONE is a theme color customized by 1ST for material control players based on the "cool and warm" between the "main tone black, red, white and gray". There are thousands of complex color harmony, only for THE ONE, and MK680 uses this theme.

Light Song And Man Dance, LANG Rhythm With The Music

LANG follows the rhythm of the music, with a variety of musical rhythm modes, especially vertical beating. MK680 is like a guitar that can sing and is also an ideal desktop pickup for players.

The Secret Of GATERON PRO Switch, Its Too Much!

PRO RedYellowPickup WhiteSilver switch

The main factors that affect the feel are the stroke and operating force. The PRO axis (except the silver axis) has the same movement stroke but different operating forces; the light pickup is white<red axis<yellow axis. The light pickup is lighter, while the yellow switch is relatively hard. The operating force of the silver switch is the same as that of the red switch, but the movement stroke is changed from 2.0mm to 1.2mm, which greatly improves the response speed. (PS: The silver switch also provides a two-stage spring, which is stable enough.)

MDA Sublimation Keycap, Increase Finger Movement Speed

High-content PBT material, patented MDA height keycaps, different from the left and right arcs of traditional ergonomic keycaps, MDA keycaps use up and down arcs, allowing gamers to have faster finger movement, and the blessed sublimation dip dyeing process allows the entire set of keycaps Delicate and round.

Wireless Three-mode Cross-system Input Artifact

Support desktop WINDOWS, MAC or mobile IOS Android and other devices, under Bluetooth connection, you can quickly switch multiple devices, and provide a power saving mode

Global EVA Double Mute Cotton, Increase Sound Insulation Cotton And Bottom Cotton

Lang MK680 is provided with sound-proof cotton and bottom cotton. The material is EVA foam cotton, which has an anti-static effect and can greatly reduce keyboard noise.

Lighting And Wireless Connection Settings

In addition to the magic nest driver downloaded from the official website, players can also switch some light modes easily through shortcut keys.

FN+1-=: F1-F12

FN+H: Volume reduction

FN+G: Volume up

FN+F: Mute

FN+S: Last song

FN+A: pause/play

FN+D: Next song



FN+WIN: Lock the Win key

FN+K: Home


FN+U: Prt Scr

FN+I: Scrlk


Ctrl+Alt+Q: restore default settings

Bluetooth matching method

FN+Z/X/C: Bluetooth device (1/2/3)

FN+[1]: light brightness adjustment

FN+: switch lights

FN+;': light speed adjustment

FN+P: Switch the backlight color

FN+PgUp: turn on/off the backlight

FN+PgDn: custom light mode

Smart Satellite Switch Digging solution

​Upgrade Dust-proof And Soundproof Plug

After adding sound insulation cotton, the space satellite axis can also be easily replaced! 1ST creatively opens holes for the space cotton to prevent players from being unable to take out the satellite switch due to the cotton block. In addition, a removable plug is newly added to the opening, which plays a role of waterproof, anti-scaling and sound insulation.

  • Well-tuned keys, Customized Satellite Axis. Brand Oil Lubrication, The Sky Is Clear.

    LANG has a good feel, each key position has been carefully adjusted, and the large key position uses brand lubricants, which is more suitable for players who have strict requirements on the keyboard sound.

  • Product specifications


    Product name: Three-mode mechanical keyboard

    Link method: wired / 2.4G mode / Bluetooth 3.0 mode / Bluetooth 5.0 mode

  • SIDE

    Number of keys: 68 keys

    Keycap material: high content PBT

  • BACK

    Keycap technology: all sublimation

    Product size: 316*110*37 mm

    Weight (G.W.): 0.78KG(98)

    System requirements: WIN / iOS/ MAC / Android

0.78kg / 1.71lb
150cm USB Cable 

LED Effects

Life Expectancy
up to 50 million keystrokes
MDA PBT Keycaps
Switch Type
1 year
System Requirement