1STPLAYER Gaming Gear

1STPLAYER's warranty covers all (non-networking) products that show defects of material or manufacture that are objectively and demonstrably attributable to 1STPLAYER and not to the user's actions or other factors. Please note that the warranty period may differ from product category. For more details please check the packaging or below 1STPLAYER warranty period explanation.

Services Provided

1. Warranty period starts from the date of purchase. In the unlikely event that warranty service is required, 1STPLAYER will request a proof of purchase (store receipt, invoice or order screenshot) and the user must provide that in order to receive warranty service unless permitted otherwise.

2. Within the limited warranty period, 1STPLAYER will provide free repair service or replacement with defect-free product of the same or similar grades. If the models already stop any new producdtion,1STPLAEYER will provide the similar or better speicification models as a replacement. The buyer shall pay for the materials and repair if out of the limited warranty period.

3.In case you need to return 1STPLAYER products within the warranty period, please do so through the retailer or distributor from whom you purchased the product.

4.1STPLAYER provides technical and information support, after-sales repair and parts replacement priority handled by the local distributor.

Inapplicable Conditions

· Wear caused by normal use

· Any damages unrelated to manufacturing defects.

· Any unsuitable environment or use of the product in 1STPLAYER's opinion.

· Any product which has been modified without official permission from 1STPLAYER, or on which the serial number or warranty sticker has been defaced, modified, or removed.

· Damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from:

Accident, abuse, misuse, neglect, fire, water, lightning, other acts of nature, electrical surge, commercial or industrial use, unauthorized product modification or failure to follow instructions included with the product.

· Third party products using 1STPLAYER components will not be covered by warranty. Contact the vendor or the manufacturer for information about servicing.

· Repair or attempted repair by anyone not authorized by 1STPLAYER

· Any shipment damages (claims must be made with the carrier).

· The product exceeds the warranty period stipulated by 1STPLAYER.

· Counterfeit products.

1STPLAYER Product Warranty Period

Power Supply:

FK SERIES/ DK SERIES/ DK PREMIUM SERIES/ BLACK WIDOW SERIES/ BLACK SIR SERIES: 1 year Replacement with New & with extended 2 years Repairing 

AR GOLD SERIES: 1 Year Replacement with New & with extended 4 Years Repairing

STEAM PUNK SERIES/ SFX SERIES: 3 Years Replacement with New & with extended 4 Years Repairing 

NDGP SERIES: 10 Yesrs Replacement with New

Pc Case:  1 Year Warranty with Replacement of parts( All case)


Case Fan: 1 Year Replacement with New

CPU  Liquid Cooler( ALL IN ONE): 1 Year Replacement with New & with extended 2 Years Repairing

CPU Air Cooler: 3 Years Replacement with New


Membrane: 1 Year Replacement with New

Mechanical Feeling: 1 Year Replacement with New

Mechanical: 1 Year Warranty with Replacement of parts

Mouse: 1 Year Replacement with New( Gaming Mouse& Office Mouse)

Mouse Pad: 1 Year Replacement with New( All series)

Audio Products: 1 Year Replacement with New( Gaming headphone& Bluetooth Speaker)

Gaming Desk: 2 Years Warranty with Repalcement of Parts( All series)      

Gaming Chair: 3 Years Warranty with Repalcement of Parts ( Includes gas lift and caster only)  


EXTENSION CABLE: 1 Year Replacement with New( All series)


1STPLAYER product is not authorized or endorsed to use as a part of, together with, or connected to, life support devices, medical equipment in general, military equipment, traffic or transportation related equipment or disaster prevention Systems. 

1STPLAYER is not liable for any damage, expense, loss, cost, injury or any other result derived from the use of 1STPLAYER products not specifically for PC gaming in the compatible operative Systems indicated by 1STPLAYER.

1STPLAYER is not liable for any damage, expense, loss, cost, injury or any other result due to use of 1STPLAYER products not in strict accordance with the instructions provided by 1STPLAYER in the instruction manual.

1STPLAYER is only liable for limited warranty service of 1STPLAYER product. 1STPLAYER is not liable for other damage or loss of time, interest, commercial opportunity due to using defect product of 1STPLAYER. 

This warranty provides the user with specific rights. The user might enjoy additional rights according to local laws and regulations. In case of conflict between this warranty policy and local laws and regulations, the latter shall be effective.